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Fernvale Dental

Fernvale Dental is a brand new practice dedicated to providing you and your family with the very best in oral care.



The newly established Fernvale Dental practice dedicates itself on providing you and your family with the very best in oral care.

This website aims to provide a wide range of information and knowledge about oral care, as well as maintaining dental hygiene. We would also like to introduce our extensive range of of treatment options that can help you create and prolong your stunning healthy smile. 

If your require any further information on our services or dental health, please do not hesitate to contact our practice, as one of our delightful team members is more than willing to help out!

Here at Fernvale Dental, we understand that your that your dental needs and wishes are as individual as you are!

Share your beautiful smile!

Fernvale Dental believes that patient referrals are a huge compliment, and take great pride in knowing that our current patients trust our services and expertise enough to recommend us to friends, family and work colleagues. 

For any patient that refers a further three people outside of their immediate family, we would like to thank you by sending you and a friend to a night out at the movies!

A 'referral' is defined as a person who is not an existing Fernvale Dental patient, and referred patients must communicate with staff who they were referred by in order to be eligible for the reward. This can be achieved by filling out the “Who referred you?” section of their medical history.

We really value word of mouth from our patients and cherish your recommendations. Fernvale Dental looks forward to caring for you, your family and friends for years to come!

Fernvale Dental is now offering orthodontics!

For more information, speak to us today.